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Harmony, in Music and Beyond: Empowerment and Unity through Music!  


toRhapsody is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by volunteering musician students. Based in Portland, Oregon, the organization was founded in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. toRhapsody firmly believes that as a universal art form, music has the power to evoke people's deep emotions; musicians have the ability to empower as well as unite people, and ultimately bring peace to the world.

In order to empower and unite people through music, toRhapsody: (a) holds benefit performances to comfort and empower people at places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, wedding ceremonies, streets, parks, (b) holds fund-raising performance, virtual or in-person, to help people and communities in need, (c) provides music education to those who aspire to learn and enjoy music, and (d) builds musical friendships and programs across different schools and communities to promote diversity and equity in society.



We express our passionate beliefs through performance. Whether it be to unify/engage a community, raise money for disaster relief, or deliver comfort, performances are powerful and effective.


We encourage you to listen. 

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We provide music mentorship and lessons to those who aspire to learn and enjoy music. We firmly believe in the pertinence of music education (not just for youth!); it should be available universally.


We encourage you to learn. 

Heart Graffiti

Cultural Exchange

We build musical friendships and establish programs to promote diversity and equity in society. Music bridges all, encompassing those from different backgrounds.

We encourage you to connect.

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