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Music Therapy

Over 6 million adults in the United States are living with a form of dementia. Research has shown that music could be a powerful treatment strategy for people living with dementia. The intervention based on listening to music and singing not only improves their cognitive function and quality of life but also reduces depression symptoms associated with dementia. 

In collaboration with Come On, Let's Sing! LLC (, toRhapsody musicians help and learn from a licensed Music Therapist, Lisa Peterson, during her sing-along therapy sessions at senior care facilities. 

COVID-19 Update: We resumed in-person performances on a limited basis, both outdoor and indoor, in full compliance with health and safety protocols. Contact us if you want to reserve toRhapsody performances in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and wedding ceremonies.

Below are sample performances by toRhapsody musicians. To watch more performances, visit and subscribe our YouTube channel.

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Singing along at senior care facilities. Come On, Let's Sing! LLC: Music Therapist Lisa Peterson, accordion, and her daughter. toRhapsody: Jacob Youn, cello, and Ian Song, violin. 2021. 

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