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Ian Song, Executive Director

Ian Song is a junior attending Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon. His musical journey began when he picked up the violin at the age of four, which he currently studies with Carol Sindell. Along with winning numerous music competitions and awards as a soloist, Ian serves as Co-concertmaster of the Portland Youth Philharmonic, an organization he first joined seven years ago. Throughout the years, Ian has learned to believe in the incredible power of music; it is capable of universally evoking our broad range of emotions and feelings. He hopes to apply his musical knowledge, love, and friendship to toRhapsody. Ian envisions toRhapsody as not only an all-embracing environment to meet new people and play great music, but also as an invaluable conduit to share his love of music and hope of uniting people all over the world. Ian's hobbies outside of toRhapsody encompass reading, gaming, and biking. 

Jay Choi, Director, TBD

Jay Choi is a senior at Summit Learning Charter. He began playing the viola at the age of 11 and currently studies under Brian Quincey. He has participated in numerous musical events such as OSAA State Solo Competition,  All Northwest, and National Youth Orchestra 2. He has won the OMEA State Ensemble Competition in 2018 and 2019 for large and small ensemble respectively. He also has been playing in the Portland Youth Philharmonic for four years and is the assistant principal of the viola section. In his free time, Jay volunteers at a food bank with his local church. He also enjoys playing tennis, golf, and table tennis with his friends and family.

Kalob Ho, Director of Community Outreach

Kalob Ho is a junior attending Cleveland High School. He started playing the violin at the age of eight and has played on the street to raise donation funds to help people in need of help (e.g., earthquake victims, people in hunger). Previously, he studied violin at the Community Music Center and Ding Ding Violin. He was also a member of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony (MYS) organization for four years. He enjoys playing old and new church hymns at the nursing facility for the elderly to enjoy during this unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. In addition to music, Kalob's hobbies include swimming, gaming, and running.

Jaewon Yune, Director of Music

Jaewon Yune is a junior attending Clackamas High School, where he is a violinist in the Chamber orchestra. He has participated in musical events such as All State, the OMEA Solo/Ensemble competition, and Music in the Parks, where he received multiple musical awards. Jaewon has been a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic orchestra for four years and is the principal second violin. He has been playing the violin for nine years and currently takes lessons from Carol Sindell. He enjoys playing music with friends at school, church, etc. He has found music to be a way to express himself and show others the impact music can have on people. Jaewon’s hobbies outside of music are playing games, golf, and hanging out with friends.

Maggie Carter, Associate Director of Education

Maggie Carter is a 14-year-old double bassist from Portland, Oregon. She began bass lessons at age nine with Nina DeCesare, and is currently a student of Jordan Anderson, Principal Bass of the Seattle Symphony. This is Maggie’s third year in the Portland Youth Philharmonic’s Philharmonic Orchestra where she is a Principal Bass. Maggie has been the first-prize winner of several competitions, including the 2019 International Society of Bassists 14-and-under solo competition. She has also performed for double bassists such as Edgar Meyer, John Clayton, and François Rabbath, among many others. Maggie loves sharing her music with the world in any way she can and often gives porch concerts to passersby in the hopes of relieving stress and bringing joy to others. Outside of her musical life, Maggie enjoys baking, reading, camping, and writing calligraphy. She also loves to hang out with her three younger siblings and to write letters to friends all over the country. She is homeschooled and has studied piano for seven years, currently with Maria Garcia.

Joseph Kim, TBD

Joseph Kim is a junior at Clackamas High School. He has been playing the violin since the age of seven. He began his violin studies with Robin Baldino and currently a student of Carol Sindell. Joseph has been a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic for three years. He was selected to play in both the All State and All Northwest orchestras in 2019 and 2020. He received an Honorable Mention at 2019/2020 Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Oregon State Senior String Competition. He is also a winner of the 26th Young Artists Debut! Van Buren Competition & Concerto Concert. Joseph performs in quartets with his friends at the senior center in their neighborhood. Besides the violin, Joseph plays tennis on his school’s varsity tennis team and enjoys many sports.

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Adam Pua, Advisor

Adam Pua is a freshman at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins, studying cello performance under Alan Stepansky and previously, Katherine Schultz and John Hubbard. In 2020, Adam was a winner of the Cognizart Van Buren YAD competition. He received the Monday Musical Club Scholarship in 2018. Adam started playing cello when he was six. He was a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic organization for five seasons. He played in both the All State and All Northwest orchestras. He has attended many summer festivals, including the Portland Summer ensemble, the Marrowstone Music festival, and the advanced string quartet program at the Interlochen Arts Festival in 2019. Adam attended the Japanese magnet program in Portland and is proficient in Japanese language and culture.  

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