Performance at Nursing Home

We express our passionate beliefs through performance. Whether it be to unify/engage a community, raise money for disaster relief, or deliver comfort, performances are powerful and effective.

In order to control the spread of COVID-19, we currently hold performances virtually or outdoors in full compliance with health and safety protocols. Contact us if you want to reserve toRhapsody performances in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and wedding ceremonies.

Below are sample performances by toRhapsody musicians. To watch more performances, visit and subscribe our YouTube channel.

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Performing for senior citizens and staff at nursing homes. Jaewon Yune, Ian Song, and Kalob Ho. Violins. 2020

Jaewon Yune and Ian Song

Performing for senior citizens and staff at nursing homes. Maggie Carter. Double Bass. 2021


Kalob Ho. Violin


Ian Song. Violin